Internship Program


CROSSNET is currently taking applications for our spring and summer internship program. We are looking for ambitious applicants who are in their sophomore-senior year of college looking to grow their marketing and sales experience. As a fast growing startup, we'll provide you with the autonomy to be in control of your own hours and work on your own schedule, while having the flexibility to experiment with growing our brand and marketing skills. 

What You'll Be Doing:
- Actively help build the rapidly growing sport of CROSSNET.
- Work closely with our CEO & CRO to develop marketing and sales strategies to expand our e-commerce and retail partnerships.
- Develop weekly newsletters geared towards user experience and customer acquisition.
- Generate thousands of new leads per week.
- Organize and optimize our marketing funnel to convert leads to customers.
- Monitor and create abandon cart emails, upsells, and other incentives to grow our customer base.
- Create weekly blog posts geared around the physical education, sports, and volleyball industry.
- Monitor and manage virtual assistants.
- Run CROSSNET's official Pinterest page.
- Build connections with industry leading influencers.
- Create media connections with some of the world's top publication firms.

Expectations & Requirements
- Work 3-6 hours remotely per week on CROSSNET for college credit.
- Sophomore - senior in college working towards a Bachelors in sales or marketing.
- Preferred experience with Pinterest, Mailchimp, automation, and blog writing.
- Access to a computer, social media, and Skype.