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CROSSNET Knockoffs – What You Should Know

CROSSNET Knockoffs – What You Should Know

There’s a certain thrill that comes with taking a chance. If you’re a thrill-seeker, that might mean skydiving or bungee jumping. If you’re not quite as adventurous, you still might very well get a rush out of more everyday pursuits like forging a new career path, going back to school or even working up the courage to ask out that guy or girl you’ve had your eye on.

Wherever you fall on the thrill-seeker spectrum, though, we can all agree that there’s some things you don’t want to take a chance on. Purchases of just about all shapes and sizes fall into that basket because, well, you’re spending your own hard-earned money. Call us crazy but we’d rather not toss it away on taking the chance that the Rolex or designer handbag the guy on the corner is selling is actually the real thing, or that concert ticket the scalper is hawking will indeed get you in the door to see your favorite artist for a fraction of the price. 

For just about every purchase, it’s buyer beware and the cliché rings true that you get what you pay for. Here at CROSSNET, we want to ensure you get the real thing when you make the wise investment in our unrivaled, exciting four square volleyball set. So heed our advice of things to look out for when you’re in the market for the CROSSNET experience that will have you bumping, setting and spiking with your friends all year long. 


One easy way to tell that the 4-way volleyball net you’re looking at isn’t legit is the presence of a center pole in the middle. Ours doesn’t have it–and aside from providing a cleaner look and easier setup, it takes out a tripping hazard that can lead to injury. 

Volleyball Net Safety

CROSSNET’s net is the safest four-way volleyball net out there, so you won’t have to hold back at all when you’re scrambling and diving to get to the ball and win the match. Playing with reckless abandon absent worrying about a center pole collision is the only way to go. Play all out accordingly. 


With knockoffs of any kind, you can often tell by looking at it or handling it that the quality doesn’t quite measure up to the standard. That’s also true of knockoff CROSSNET sets, which are usually made from plastic, are flimsy and may have a net that’s not regulation size.

You don’t have to worry about any of that with CROSSNET. Our net and supporting legs are built from lightweight yet durable steel, allowing for an easy setup (more on that shortly) that will stand up against windy conditions and allow you to focus on the thrill of competition. 

Height Adjustable Net


Whoever you purchase CROSSNET for, there’s a high likelihood others in and out (word will spread) of your household will want to play. Buying our product will make sure that men, women and children can enjoy the game to the max due to our height-adjustable net. Other lesser versions are not height-adjustable, thus robbing children and other shorter players of that thrill of rising above the net to deliver a key blow to your opponents. And believe us when we say that’s a thrill that thrill-seekers and more reserved folks alike don’t want to miss out on. 


You can tell something about a product based on who and what they associate with. CROSSNET has developed into such a trusted brand that it’s now being played in over 7,500 schools that see the value of teaching children volleyball in a new, exciting way. It’s an easy game for elementary and high school kids to learn, and you can have it at your disposal in no time with our 48- to 72-hour shipping. There’s nothing not to like. Our competitors? They’re not in the schools…again, buyer beware. 

family owned business

Family Business

CROSSNET is a family shop through and through. We are family-owned and run and are proud to be the first four-way volleyball sport to enter the market. Our founding brothers came up with the idea by merging volleyball with a favorite childhood pastime of four square. Since creating the prototype over three years ago, CROSSNET has grown into a game that delights players of all ages and skill levels. We can’t speak to the background of our competitors, but we’re confident their founding story isn’t as cool as a couple of guys harkening back to their recess days to come up with a new, innovative idea. 


Remember when we mentioned the scalpers and jewelry/handbag hawkers at the top? Well, there’s a reason their products aren’t in respected stores. The same is true in the four-way volleyball market. To get a knockoff, you may be able to track it down online.

For CROSSNET, you can order online through our website or find us in the confines of any number of respected, established retailers. CROSSNET is proud to be found in big-name retailers like Target, Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy, Home Depot, Wegmans, Wilson and more. We think that says something about our product and is just another reason you should follow through on your intuition to join the CROSSNET club. 

crossnet volleyball players near net

If you haven’t gotten the memo, we’re pretty great

Great products don’t need a hard sell, but we’re giving it to you anyway because our customers just mean that much to us. CROSSNET is versatile enough to be used inside or out (in your yard or on the beach), appeals to players of all ages and skill levels and comes with everything you need to play, including a Wilson OPTX volleyball.

If all the credentials we’ve provided aren’t enough, we leave you with what some luminaries in the volleyball world think about our exhilarating game.

“The game of volleyball is changing throughout the world, so should its equipment. CROSSNET is a fresh approach to the sport of volleyball and is incredibly entertaining. I love how engaged the team at CROSSNET is at actively growing the volleyball community by adding their spin on the game. I cannot wait to see what’s next!” – Ryan Millar, Team USA Gold Medalist

“As a professional beach volleyball player, I am always looking at new and unique ways to develop my skills. CROSSNET condenses blocking/jousting/attacking into a tight area magnifying this aspect of volleyball. It forces you to be more precise in all volleyball skills, while in a fast paced, highly entertaining gameplay environment.” – Sam Pedlow, Pro Volleyball Player

“I practice beach volleyball every day and I love using my CROSSNET to spice up my training and really work on control. It’s also just really fun! I can play with my teammates and also people who have never even played volleyball before and it’s ALWAYS a blast!” – Melissa Fuchs Powell, USA Beach P1440 Volleyball Athlete

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