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Eight Awesome Gifts for Volleyball Players

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If you’re reading this article, first off, you’re in a good place. It’s reasonably early in December so you’re not waiting until the last minute (at least in our book) and, most importantly, you’ve narrowed your gift-giving ideas to a specific category. The value in the latter point can’t be understated because if you’re like us, you’ve spent one too many afternoons in a crowded mall poking around for something – heck, anything – that will qualify as a halfway decent gift.

And halfway decent should never be your gift-giving goal, right? Right. So rest assured you’re in the right place and get your pen and paper handy to take down our eight awesome gifts for volleyball players. We won’t take all the credit when their face lights up once the wrapping paper reveals your purchase. We just ask that you at least tacitly acknowledge the role we played. Without further ado or attempts at humor…


One more brief aside, but it's volleyball related (promise): Have you heard the axiom that you shouldn’t skimp on anything separating you from the ground? It’s true of mattresses and shoes, and we’re not really experts on the former so we’ll take a stab at the latter instead.

Some volleyball players, particularly beginners, don’t have shoes designed for volleyball and, thus, likely aren’t getting the support and cushioning their feet and ankles sorely need. Even if they already own a pair, it’s well-advised to break out a new pair with each new season so help keep them healthy with some fresh kicks. Stability, speed, breathability, flexibility and, above all, SUPPORT will be offered by any of the leading brands. 

Ankle Braces

Lateral movement is so important in volleyball, and you can’t exactly move laterally with dexterity – or even get on the court to begin with – if you’re nursing an ankle injury. Help the volleyball player in your life avoid a potentially nagging, persistent issue by gifting a volleyball-specific ankle brace that offers ideal protection. 

Knee Pads

Landing hard in the sand is one thing, but landing hard on a hardwood court is quite another. In order to be able to go all out, it's crucial to have comfortable knee pads that enable volleyballers to go all out without a second thought. Not all knee pads are the same, though, and the last thing players want is an added distraction rubbing, pinching or restricting movements during play. We suggest going with a quality knee pad from an established manufacturer. 


We can almost sense the eye roll through the screen. Socks? You’re suggesting I buy socks?! We get the negative connotation socks carry at holiday gift-giving season, but we implore you to take a step back and take stock of the joy some comfy socks will bestow upon your volleyball player.

The difference between a standard sock and a sport sock is considerable, and the last thing any athlete wants are blisters or other persistent, easily avoidable foot issues. Thus, picking up a few pairs of moisture-wicking, stability-enhancing socks is indeed a great move. Thank us later. 

Water Bottles

Hydrating is rather important in sports if you didn’t know. While we’re certainly not breaking any ground with this statement, we can help you break the mold by adding water bottles to your gift list. Pick from stainless steel, plastic, environmentally friendly plastic or anything of the sort and go with a design you think your giftee will fancy as they fuel their volleyball workouts accordingly. 

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Three words: 4 Square Volleyball. CROSSNET is an unrivaled, thrilling, competitive experience that will delight volleyball players of all ages and skill levels. Available at many prominent retailers including Walmart, Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods, CROSSNET comes with a height-adjustable four-way net, poles and a volleyball so you can be playing in no time after unwrapping. And we did mean you. Once you see what a good time CROSSNET is, you might very well be on the receiving end of some volleyball gifts in little time. 

Gear Bag

It’s always nice to travel in style. Whether they’re jumping in the car to go to practice or hopping on a bus for a weekend tournament, all players would like to be outfitted with a stylish gym bag into which they can pack all their necessities. There’s no shortage of options, so help them ditch that old, ratty backpack for a sport-tailored bag. 

Foam Roller

Promote prioritizing health and, well, staying healthy by gifting a foam roller. Rolling out aches and sore muscles pre- and post-match can be huge for mental reassurance and comfort alone. This is a gift that will keep on giving time and time again. 

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