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How do I set up my outdoor CROSSNET kit?

Hi there,

So you got the CROSSNET kit and not sure how to set it up? No problem, we are here to help. Once you get the hang of it, it gets a lot easier. 

1. Select net height:

- Men's: 7' 11 5/8''

- Women's: 7' 4 1/8''

- Children's: 5' 3/8"

2. Create 4 steel tube uprights by connecting the 20 steel pieces together with the spring fastener. See guide below:

- For men's height, connect 1-2-3-4-5

- For women's height, connect 1-3-4-5

- For children's height, connect 1-2-3-5

3. Insert center pole into net and zip shut.

4. Build a traditional volleyball net with two opposite sides of the CROSSNET. Slip the steel tubes into opposite sleeves of the net (2x). Slip the eye bolt through the slot in the top of the net.

5. Clip the tension strings to the top post at the eyelid bolt (2x).

6. Have a partner hold the steel tube upright & pull tension strings. Press the pegg into the sand or grass 45 degrees from the pole. Hold the other steel tube upright. Press the peg into the ground (2x).

7. You will now have one side of your CROSSNET built. Repeat steps 3-7 with the remaining two sides of the net. 

8. Connect the inner boundary to the bottom of the steel tubes upright.

9. Connect the outer boundary and the peg into the ground.

10. Adjust the tension strings as needed.

Watch our set-up video on Youtube:

If you have any questions email us at! We will help you out! 

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