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Words from the Best European Service Player


I've been coaching volleyball since 1993 after I graduated from the Academy of Physical Education and Sports in Romania, followed by a long career as a pro volleyball player for all national teams of my country.

The sport has been very beneficial for me and I’ve found it to be very beneficial for the health of children. It is enough to practice 2 to 4hrs per week in the beginning and combine volleyball skills with studying the process. Games are essential in capturing my athlete’s attention and developing the most basic forms of physical motion. 

I have worked with beginners and intermediate groups ages 8 to 12, never any more than 20 players at a time. I’ve also worked with club teams aged 14 to 16, with no more than 10 members. I’ve found that communication is the main key to success. Focus is lost when coaches work more on forming a team than making sure players learn the correct technique. Bad habits are extremely hard to break. 

Physical education helps develop proper motor skills, coordination in all aspects and healthy body posture, all of this in addition to playing a huge role in the enhancement of reflexes. It also creates a healthy lifestyle long-term. 

The #stayathome mandate encourages and motivates everyone to find different ways of exercise to compensate for the lack of current practice. 

The biggest challenge is to set a goal and do everything in your power to accomplish it. I had challenged myself to reach the top and nothing had ever stopped me from getting what I had dreamed and wanted. Hard work pays off. I was awarded Best European Service Player in 1989. 

To everyone involved and committed to this, volleyball is an art and it's up to us coaches to create a smooth transition from learning basic skills to performing on a high level. 


Coach Gabriela Isac

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