Rated the #1 Game for Family Fun by People Magazine

  • 1. Perfect for the person who has everything

    Whether it’s birthdays or Christmas, gift-giving is hard - especially for the people in your life who have everything. But even the people who have everything still need one thing: fun! Whether they’re seasoned athletes or backyard amateurs, that one tough person to buy for has never played like this before.

  • 2. Gets the kids outside

    Getting kids outside is hard during the winter months! It’s cold, the days are short, and they’d rather be playing video games. But excess energy can be overwhelming for kids and parents - especially during the holiday season, when sugar highs enter the mix from all of those Christmas cookies. Keep the whole family from going stir-crazy this holiday season with CROSSNET!

  • 3. Helps beat the winter blues

    With decreased daylight hours and less time spent in the sun, winters can be rough! Sun exposure is directly linked to our moods, both through vitamin D absorption and the natural boost we get via physical activity. Getting outside and having some fun with CROSSNET can help beat the seasonal funk. Snow or shine, beach or backyard, CROSSNET can transform the dreariest day into a good time.

  • 4. Variety is the spice of life

    Burned out on sports? CROSSNET to the rescue! Variety in physical activity keeps our brains sharp and our moods up. By keeping our exercise routines fresh, we keep our mental pathways on their toes and switch up the muscles we’re using. For any gym buff on your list, or even the mother-in-law who’s getting bored of daily power walks, CROSSNET is the gift that keeps things fresh & fun.

  • 5. give the gift of friendship

    Adult life makes hanging out with friends hard - it’s either hit a bar or grab dinner! CROSSNET lets adults play together like they did as kids, fostering friendship and rekindling connections. Whether you break CROSSNET out at the family Christmas party or invite your best buds over for some spiking in the snow, your relationships will be stronger for it.

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