5 Reasons Why CROSSNET H20 is Australia's #1 Pool Game  

Rated the #1 Game for Family Fun by People Magazine

  • 1. Gets everyone into the water

    Have a pool that nobody seems to be spending time in? Sadly there just aren't any good pool games to get everyone in the water. CROSSNET is the best way to get everyone to fall in love with using the pool again. Set up within minutes and watch everyone jump in for a piece of the action. Finally, the pool will be put to good use.

  • 2. Anyone can join the fun

    Everyone from young kids, teens, adults and even grandparents will be lining up to play! CROSSNET is easy to play - even if you're not a volleyball player.

  • 3. Brings friends and family together

    When's the last time you tried something new? CROSSNET lets adults play together like they did as kids, fostering friendship and rekindling connections. Whether it's a family gathering, a beach day, community event or backyard birthday party - CROSSNET is sure to become the center of attention, adding loads of fun and friendly competition into the mix.

  • 4. Variety is the spice of life

    Burned out on sports? CROSSNET to the rescue! Variety in physical activity keeps our brains sharp and our moods up. CROSSNET is used by established volleyball clubs and professional athletes, giving players an opportunity to test their skills in a fun and fast-paced format of play.

  • 5. It's the perfect unexpected gift

    Even people who have everything still need one thing: fun! CROSSNET is a thoughtful, creative gift that will bring endless hours of active fun with friends. Finally a surprise gift they can get really excited about!

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