Rated the #1 Game for Family Fun by People Magazine


    Everything's better with friends! Adult life makes hanging out with friends hard - it’s either hit a bar or grab dinner! CROSSNET lets adults play together like they did as kids, fostering friendship and rekindling connections. CROSSNET is guaranteed to get EVERYONE involved. Whether it’s getting the family moving while visiting the in-laws or getting some friendly competition going at your during the holidays, set up CROSSNET and play away!

  • 2. Gets the kids outside

    Objects in motion tend to stay in motion - which means it’s vital to get kids active and off their screens once in a while. Beach, park or backyard, CROSSNET’s innovative and portable design lets you bring it with you anywhere, making it a family favorite game for year-round fun. CROSSNET is the perfect way to get your favorite tiny people involved in sports earlier than usual while also keeping things engaging for adults.

  • 3. Get your steps in, the fun way

    CROSSNET helps you get all your steps in the fun way. It’s easy to get stuck in a workout rut. When we get bored of our exercise routine, we tend to start shirking it altogether. That’s why keeping things fresh is so vital! CROSSNET is the perfect blend of fun, challenging, and competitive - and the perfect addition to your rotation.

  • 4. Variety is the spice of life

    Burned out on sports? CROSSNET to the rescue! Variety in physical activity keeps our brains sharp and our moods up. By keeping our exercise routines fresh, we keep our mental pathways on their toes and switch up the muscles we’re using. For any gym buff on your list, or even the mother-in-law who’s getting bored of daily power walks, CROSSNET is the gift that keeps things fresh & fun.

  • 5. Adds fun & competition to any occasion

    Whether it's a family gathering, a beach day, community event or backyard birthday party - CROSSNET is sure to become the center of attention, adding loads of fun and friendly competition into the mix.

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